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Walker Mowers


Walker Mowers are an out front, zero-turn mower and well-known for their unique Walker GHS (Grass Handling System) that produces a beautiful, vacuumed lawn finish. Compact and manoeuvrable, the Walker Mower will get into tight spaces quickly, leaving less grass to be cut by a line trimmer or push mower.

For both commercial operators and homeowners, Walker Manufacturing Company has brought together all of the design elements to assure fast, easy, beautiful mowing - everything you would ask for if you were designing a mower from the ground up.

The secret to getting the job done quickly and easily is a manoeuvrable machine with easy-to operate controls. No other mower operates as precisely as Walker - only gentle fingertip pressure is needed to put the machine through its paces.


Out-front Advantage

Beautiful Cut. Striping is done naturally without the use of a roller wheel, and the clean cut is achieved by design, not by gimmick.

Accessible. You can get where you need to go on the lawn and you can get where you need on the tractor with the tilt-up body and deck.

Agile. The compact size makes it easy to get in and out of tight spots meaning no loss of motion and less time spent trimming.

Versatile. The Walker line is like no other, designed to meet the needs of today's landscape professional at any time of the year.


See the Walker Mowers website for more information.

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